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High frequency Medical bag welding machine

High frequency Medical bag welding machine

High Frequency Welding, known as Radio Frequency (RF) or Dielectric welding, is the process of fusing materials together by applying radio frequency energy to the area to be joined. The resulting weld can be as strong as the original material....
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The machine double station slide table HF welders with 6, 10, 15, 20kW stable controlled HF power outputs are designed for various industrial HF welding and heat sealing applications requiring precision flat surface for product positioning and complex shape welds.
HF welder can be easily converted to a standard Heat Sealer for applications where HF welding is not necessary or impossible (eg: PP or PE materials). Machine is equipped with quick change 4 point electrode holder. Custom built tooling and electrodes are available upon request.            

Model HQ-5KW HQ-10KW HQ-12KW HQ-15KW
Voltage AC380/220V AC380/220V AC380/220V AC380/220V
Way of Pressure Air/Oil Air/Oil Air/Oil Air/Oil
Power Output 5000W 10000W 12000W 15000W
Frequency 27.12MHZ 27.12MHZ 27.12MHZ 27.12MHZ
Work plate 200*350 400*600 Customize Customize
Max Input Force 9KVA 12KVA 15KVA 25KVA
Temperature 0°C to 300C°  0°C to 300C°  0°C to 300C°  0°C to 300C° 
Electric Tube 7T85RB 3069RB 3130RB 8T85RB
Weight 350KG 400KG 700KG 900KG
Dimension 1080*1750*1600 1080*1800*1600 1700*2000*1800 2600*2200*1900


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