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othing embossing high frequency machine

othing embossing high frequency machine

Apparel embossing high frequency machine is the name of this equipment in the garment processing industry. In the mechanical industry, this equipment is called high frequency machine, mainly suitable for garment embossing, fabric embossing,...
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Apparel embossing high frequency machine is the name of this equipment in the garment processing industry. In the mechanical industry, this equipment is called high frequency machine, mainly suitable for garment embossing, fabric embossing, leather embossing, flocking. Embossing, PVC plastic embossing, EVA embossing, plastic embossing, cushion embossing, etc.

Machine model HQ 5KW HQ 10KW
machine size 1080*1750*1900 1080*1750*1900
platen size 100*300 100*300
Power Supply Voltage AC380V/3 phase/220V single phase AC380V/3 phase
Drive Mode Pneumatic/Oil Pressure Pneumatic/Oil Pressure
High Frequency Output 5000W 10000W
Maximum current value 1.2A 2.1A
Electronic tube 7T85RB 3069RB
Maximum input 9KVA 12KVA
Temperature regulation 0°C~300°C adjustable temperature 0°C~300°C adjustable temperature
Weight weight 350Kg 400Kg

Shoes and hats embossing machine can process product samples

Apparel embossing machines are widely used in garment factories, garment accessories factories, hat factories, luggage handbag factories, embroidery factories, imprint factories, etc.

How the garment embossing machine works

1. The garment linear vibration friction embossing machine uses the frictional heat energy generated at the contact surfaces of the two workpieces to be welded to melt the plastic. Thermal energy comes from a certain pressure, a workpiece reciprocating movement on the other surface with a certain displacement or amplitude. Once the desired degree of heat sealing is achieved, the vibration is stopped and a certain amount of pressure is applied to the two workpieces, so that the just heated portion is cooled and solidified to form a tight bond.

2. The garment orbital vibration friction embossing machine is a method of heat sealing by frictional heat. In the case of orbital vibration friction heat sealing, the upper workpiece performs orbital motion at a fixed speed — circular motion in all directions. The movement produces heat that causes the heat sealed portion of the two plastic parts to reach the melting point. Once the plastic begins to melt, the motion stops and the heat sealed portions of the two workpieces solidify and are firmly joined together. Small clamping forces can result in minimal deformation of the workpiece, and workpieces up to 10 inches in diameter can be heat sealed by applying orbital vibration friction.

3, garment rotary embossing machine is generally used to heat two circular thermoplastic workpieces. When heat sealing, one workpiece is fixed on the bottom mold, and the other workpiece is rotated on the surface of the fixed workpiece. Since a certain amount of pressure acts on the two workpieces, the heat generated by the friction between the workpieces can melt the contact faces of the two workpieces and form a forbidden and hermetic bond.

4. The garment hot plate embossing machine mainly heats the plastic parts through a temperature controlled heating plate. When heat sealing, the heating plate is placed between two plastic parts, and when the workpiece is in close contact with the heating plate, the plastic begins to melt. After a predetermined heating time has elapsed, the plastic on the surface of the workpiece will reach a certain degree of melting. At this time, the workpiece is separated on both sides, the heating plate is removed, and then the two pieces are joined together to achieve a certain heat sealing time and After the heat sealing depth, the entire heat sealing process is completed.

Which materials can be pressed by the garment embossing machine

Plastic embossing materials: PVC plastic embossing, EVA plastic embossing, PU embossing, TPU embossing, PE embossing, PET embossing, PETG embossing, AGA embossing, APET embossing.

Leather embossing materials: artificial leather material embossing, PU leather embossing, leather leather material embossing, mirror leather embossing, top layer leather embossing, two layer leather embossing.

Apparel fabric embossing materials: polyester embossing, hydrogen embossing, cotton embossing, flocking fabric embossing, sweater embossing.

Denim embossing other embossed materials, that is, embossing materials that can be used for high frequency embossing with high frequency embossing molds using high frequency embossing.

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